Into the wild

Yesterday I saw the movie "Into the wild". Regardless of the true message/messages of the movie, what is of interest to me now is my enthusiasm when seeing the young boy going into wilderness on his own, just him, himself and the nature, no one else. There I was thinking of my own plan.. well, vision... maybe I shouldn't call it plan since it was just a thought and not really something I seriously decided to do or seriously thought I could actually do. My thought was of a life where radical changes came every 10 years so that my experiences would be as various as possible: changes in what I would have for a job that is, different domains, different kinds of involvement (medical bioengineer (really?), psychologist, archeologist so on). My last 10 years would then be spent on a mountain in meditation, maybe in several kinds of monasteries (of different religions) so that, with my gathered social experience, my scientific view on the world and that spiritual experience I could leave the world with some sort of answer.. Anyway.. watching the movie I envisioned a life where my run away would come sooner. Away from answers I cannot give to people, away from questions I cannot clear for myself. Away from things I cannot explain, messes I don't wanna cause yet messes that I'm living with, things I cannot do, see, feel and so on. Of course.. I would not be as brave as our Alexander Supertramp.. and no matter what my problems related to society would be, I may not be able to live far from it for too long... maybe not even longer than a week.. or a day... but who knows, once there in the wild, with every new experience I might get adjusted... too well... or maybe not at all...
Some may say it's an easy way out.. solving nothing.. or only solving problems for myself and not for those surrounding me also.. I would agree...
Of course, if I were to take one of the messages of the movie into account... "happiness is only true when shared"... I should not be enthusiastic of the idea of leaving at all.. then again, in life "you should measure yourself at least once"
And now, something I found on the net while searchig for "Into the wild" related stuff:
"Relieved that he had again evaded the impending threat of human intimacy, of friendship, and of all the messy emotional baggage that comes with it... flitting out of their lives before anything was expected of him" (Jon Krakauer)
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